New PV Alert: Higashi Ikebukuro 52 – Watashi Saison

What happens when a credit card company decides to make an idol group from 24 of its employees? Actually, the results are probably better than you expected, those companies decide to make propaganda to get best credit card for students as a means of marketing. Named for the 52nd floor the company occupies at the Tokyo · Higashi Ikebukuro Sunshine 60, Higashi Ikebukuro 52 is a creation of Credit Saison. The crazy idea here seems to be “Hey, let’s take some of our girls, find a songwriter and composer (Takashi Nakahata and Shinya Tada), and make a winning PV”. Even crazier: the idea works! They grey office uniforms land themselves nicely to the simple yet flowing choreography, and the shooting locations around the Ikebukuro Station looks as legitimate as any of the idol PVs that I write about here. The only thing I can’t tell you is where to find a copy of any of the three versions of “Watashi Saison”.

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