New PV Alert: Happy Kuru Kuru – Kuru Kuru Fantasy

Happy Kuru Kuru is another of those cases where I just let YouTube steer me into a new promotional video. After a few seconds of listening, its unmistakably a Yunomi production, and it’s a good one at that. “Kuru Kuru Fantasy” snaps along with a brisk pace and quickly repeating melodic lines punctuated with syncopated keyboard rhythms and a sound palette flush with traditional sounds. Shooting themselves with selfie sticks, Nono and Kinoko hit some high traffic areas in Tokyo (likely the areas you want to visit, too). These girls really sell Tokyo as a fantasy-land for the (ahem) otaku set. Cute and energetic, Happy Kuru Kuru look like their about 2.5 venti upside down caramel macchiatos into their day. We only get a glimpse of their choreography at the end of this PV, but my interest is definitely piqued. I want to see more of these girls!

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