New PV Alert: Happy Kuru Kuru – Good Morning Tokyo

A cheeseburger and a cola start this latest promotional video from Happy Kuru Kuru. The sounds of producer Yunomi are unmistakable and should smack you as such before the first 8 bars are up. Colorfully and futuristically dressed, Nono and Kinoko take on Tokyo as the space invaders menace Shinjuku Kabukichou, but you know that kind of plot line doesn’t really add up the sum of the promotional video. The girls look great in their oversized bows and circus tent colored skirts- truly the kind of fashion that works with Japanese idols. Half the fun of these outdoor shots is the virtual tour of Tokyo with Happy Kuru Kuru as your personal guide. The studio dance shots put the girls under technically better lighting that captures the detail, shine, and texture of the outfits, although I much prefer seeing their faces lit with the neon street signs. Nono and Kinoko make the dances look fun and entertaining with the two girls posing their way through the stances with smiles. “Good Morning Tokyo” is a good time, and a wake up call for you all to discover Happy Kuru Kuru.



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Happy Kuru Kuru

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