New PV Alert: Happippi – Shuriken do mannaka

We haven’t seen Happippi in a while here at the New PV Alerts. Back with a new lineup around members Yuria and Yuka, Happippi sing the mysteries of the ninja with shuriken choreography and a few playful fights sprinkled in the promotional video. The traditional melodies are layered on top of slap and pop bass guitars, and “Shuriken do mannaka” sounds like a great mix of old and new. Happippi put on pretty yukata for some variety shots, but the bulk of what you’ll see here in “Shuriken do mannaka” are the girls in full ninja mode … well, that and the dojo dance shots. A definite sense of fun permeates the product, and as a return to things “Shuriken do mannaka” gets the job done with a good deal of personality from the five-some.








Happippi is a Festival themed idol group formed in 2016. Happippi’s current lineup includes Takaki Yuria (髙木由莉愛), Eguchi Yuka (江口結香, Sakura Namiki (さくらなみき), Amano Nayu (天乃七夕), and Nishimura Sayuri 西村彩有里).
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