New PV Alert: Happippi – Happi Kite Happippi

New idol group Happippi bring it with a traditionally influenced promotional video and song, “Happi Kite Happippi”. There’s a lot to like with this release: the song is an upbeat piece with those traditional instruments mixed with the modern, cherry blossoms fly with the girls’ sharp movements, pretty fans and tatami mats abound, and the girls are pretty and enthusiastic. You can buy the debut release from Happippi on November 22.

Buy Happippi’s “Happi Kite Happippi”!

Type A

Type A | CDJapan

Type C

Type C | CDJapan

Type E

Type E | CDJapan

Type B

Type B | CDJapan

Type D

Type D | CDJapan

Type F

Type F | CDJapan

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