New PV Alert: HAMIDASYSTEM – Semi no Koe

From their debut single “DERO”, the HAMIDASYSTEM foursome release the promotional video for their song “Semi no Koe”. With a tag line of “Melodic Electronica”, you probably would expect something more along the lines of dance grooves, but HAMIDASYSTEM mixes the electronic instruments with some solid acoustic sounding beats to create more of a rock sound. They also have a spooky thing going on with “Semi no Koe”; the four girls alone in a forest, flashing shots of cemeteries and titular cicada definitely set a mood. The music’s eeriness reaches a fever pitch with screeching guitars just before a sharp visual transition to a cityscape, before a return to the forest and the voices of those cicada. You know by now that I have a little bit of a goth streak in me, so HAMIDASYSTEM has me more than a bit intrigued with this release. As for finding yourself a copy? Well, it looks like this is a venue release only. Good luck.

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