New PV Alert: Hajimetal feat. Kaneko Rie– Maybe, I’ll Be With You

Trigger Warning: slow song!!
Hajimetal, the former keyboard player for Midori, teams up with Ladybaby’s Kaneko Rie for a second time to produce “Maybe, I’ll Be With You”. While their previous release, “Giri Gal” shimmered with exuberance and teen angst, this new song is decidedly introspective. I know some people want their idols, music, and idol music genki af, but I’m not really one of those people. I implore you to enjoy the “happy sad” feeling of “Maybe, I’ll Be With You” that is perfect for the end of summer. If anything you should listen to Kaneko Rie for yourself because this girl isn’t a flash in the pan- Rie’s got some talent as evidenced by her delivery of “Maybe, I’ll Be With You”. Watch the colors bloom and fade from an umbrella that shades the sun in this season and wards off the rain in the next.

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