New PV Alert: GIRLFRIEND – Miryoku to wa?

After what feels like a year of tasty covers, the girls of GIRLFRIEND get a digital release with “Miryoku to wa?”. Heading to a game center, the girls have fun among the playground and playsets. For their performance shot, the girls empty out the bumper car track and strum away at the finish line. But, if I had to characterize “Miryoku to wa?”, I’d say that the girls are just enjoying themselves at a place where their teenage selves should be able to express. Going along with all that fun is a musical offering that stays away from the hard and heavy and goes for the pop melodies and fun, octave jumping bass grooves. If you were tired of seeing the girls putting on their game faces for those covers, “Miryoku to wa?” just might be a nice remedy. “Miryoku to wa?” hit the digital retailers on November 21, 2018. Get it now!





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