New PV Alert: GANG PARADE – Yoru kurai yume

Before we get too far into Gang Parade’s “Yoru kurai yume”, we should note that this song is a product of GANG PARADE members Yumeno Yua and Haruna Ba Chiin who share songwriter credits with Haruna receiving the sole composition credit. Much of “Yoru kurai yume” or “Night dark dreams”, consists of a fivesome of models (credited at the end of the PV) making what appears like a sex tourism advert for the exoticism of Asia. There’s bikini shots, shots of the girls in local markets, and night time street shots with street lamps and scooter headlamps and lens flare galore. GANG PARADE themselves appear in trippy shots of melting backgrounds and kaleidoscopic images lipping to the Haruna’s lyrics. “Yoru kurai yume” makes me uncomfortable, and this is probably the point. Given the sexy grooves of the song, I don’t think the PV is too off the target set by the composition. “Yoru kurai yume” is from GANG PARADE’s forthcoming 4th album “LAST GANG PARADE”, due January 8, 2019.





GANG PARADE began in 2014 as the duo pla2me with Mizuta Mari and ex-BiS member Kamiya Saki. The group was renamed POP in 2015 and GANG PARADE in 2016. GANG PARADE is a member the WACK family of idols. The group includes members Kamiya Saki (カミヤサキ), Yamamachi Miki (ヤママチミキ), Yumeno Yua (ユメノユア), Can GP Maika (キャン・GP・マイカ), Yui Ga Dockson (ユイガドクソン), Coco Partin Coco (ココパーテインココ), Terashima Yuuka (テラシマユウカ), Tsukino Usagi (月ノウサギ), and Haruna Ba Chiin (ハルナ・バッ・チーン).
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