New PV Alert: Fullfull☆Pocket – Kimi to Shiru

The full version of Fullfull☆Pocket’s third single’s lead track “Kimi to Shiru” came to the light this morning. You might remember that we had a look at the director’s edition a few weeks ago. The drums bash away insistently like a door being kicked down rather than a gentle knock at the portal. The monochromatic seifuku still commiserates with the angst of the song: “Kimi to Shiru” is not the colorful cheerful song. On the full release I’m struck by the girls separation despite their close proximity in the two-shots. The theme of “Kimi to Shiru” is told in completeness in the closing tableau: half of the girls make a break for the downstage while the others two hold them from behind, desperate to maintain a connection. Isolation and desperation might not be your preferred output from idols, but I like seeing Fullfull☆Pocket stretch themselves. “Kimi to Shiru / Kung Fu Otome” goes on sale August 16, 2017.


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