New PV Alert: FES☆TIVE – Shakariki top runner!

The girls of FES☆TIVE have a new single out soon, and would like to take this opportunity to cheer you to the top. “Shakariki Top Runner (しゃかりきトップランナー!)” follows three intertwined stories of a high school boy with a crush, a restaurant proprietor, and a salaryman on their way to becoming a top runner. If you follow along the stories, you’re sure to get a warm feeling as the stories come around to their eventual conclusions. For their part, the girls of FES☆TIVE get a luxurious performance shot at the center of a rather large stadium (anyone want to ID this for me?). “Shakariki Top Runner” has some pretty memorable lyrics that should help the group worm their way into your earhole. “Sakariki Top Runner” goes on sale February 26, 2020.





FES☆TIVE promoting “Haretoke! Appare! Japanese!”



FES☆TIVE (フェスティブ) is a Japanese female idol group formed on March 27, 2013. The group is affiliated with RIZE production. FES☆TIVE have a Japanese festival based concept and aim to bring the festival atmosphere to its live performances. The group name is a combination of the words “festival”, “positive”, and “active”. FES☆TIVE’s current lineup includes members Aoba Hinari (青葉ひなり), Mano Saria (真野彩里愛), Doko Ruriko (土光瑠璃子), Minami Marika (南茉莉花), and Kondo Saeko (近藤沙瑛子).
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