New PV Alert: Fairies – Tell Me How You Feel

Finishing up their promotional cycle (the PV part of that cycle, anyway), Fairies release the short version for their coupling track “Tell me How You Feel” from their latest single “Metropolis”. The song plays with a very cool groove with a low hum kick drum contrasting with stabbing keyboards and a collection of percussive sounds. The girls are at their best on their rooftop dance shot where the green and orange helipad markings serve as a colorful contrast to the group’s monochromatic wardrobe. I think we can say that a fair amount of sexiness drips from the chorreography … that’s OK, right? You can find “Tell Me How You Feel” on Fairies’s 17th single, “Metropolis” set for release on July 17, 2019.

Fairies promoting “Metropolis”

Fairies (フェアリーズ) is a Japanese pop idol group on the agency Vision Factory (now Rising Production) and on the label SONIC GROOVE under avex. Members were chosen from 100 candidates who were attending dance schools affiliated with Vision Factory, coming from 13 regions of Japan.They formed in 2011 with hopes of becoming big like Amuro Namie and SPEED who share the same agency as the group. Later that year, they made their musical debut with the single “More Kiss / Song for You”. Fairies’s current lineup includes members Inoue Rikako (井上理香子), Nomoto Sora (野元空), Ito Momoka (伊藤萌々香), Hayashida Mahiro (林田真尋), and Shimomura Miki (下村実生).
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Limited (CD + DVD) | CDJapan | YesAsia

Regular Edition

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Ito Momoka Version

Ito Momoka Version | CDJapan | YesAsia

Shimomura Miki Version

Shimomura Miki Version | CDJapan | YesAsia

Hayashida Mahiro Version

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