New PV Alert: every♥ing! – Churu Churu Chu Chu Chu (Short ver.)

Seiyu idol duo every♥ing! release the short version for the album track “Churu Churu Chu Chu Chu”. Like the album title implies, Ibuki and Erii find themselves knee deep on dates with very inoffensive bunny man (well, I find his overalls a bit offensive). Unlike many idol PVs, rather than a big group date, our hero gets to got out with each girl individually. One girl gets purikura with Mr. Bunny while the other one plays some spirited air hockey, and I’ve never contemplated donning a animal costume more than I did watching the 1:45 min of “Churu Churu Chu Chu Chu”. I’m a confessed fan of good ole pop music, so this light, bouncy gem does me just fine. Just fine, indeed. Listen: Kido Ibuki and Yamazaki Erii are SUPER cute, so you can do much worse than spend 2 minutes with this video. You can find “Churu Churu Chu Chu Chu” on every ing!’s “Colorful Shining Dream First Date ♥” to be released on January 18, 2017.

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