New PV Alert: Especia – Danger

The full promotional video for the latest Especia release just broke today. “Danger” sees Haruka, Erika, and Mia playing cool as girls on a mission. We don’t really know what that mission is, though. We get hints of a bright red tool box featured in a gated reservoir, a night drive to a house, and finally a trip to the beach. This leads me to believe that the girls of Especia are “cleaners” mopping up after someone’s sloppy, dirty work. Yes, the plot line is a bit vague, but the power of a great PV is that we can imagine things where gaps in the narrative exist. And, yes I am saying that “Danger” is a great PV. My music notes from the “Image PV” still stand, and the song definitely keeps me in the groove with its funky city pop sounds. Another great release right at the end of the year, yes? YES. “Danger” hits records store shelves on December 7, 2016

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