New PV Alert: Erabareshi – Gyakkyo nonfiction

Erabareshi’s 6th single starts off with a bit of a groove that erupts into some horn-play that punctuates an anime caricature as he dances his way through the school set. The girls appear quick enough with some name introductions, choreography in the school yard, and scenes of the girls making this campus look a lot prettier. I’m not exactly sure about why we get the anime in “Gyakkyo nonfiction”, although I might have just answered that question by invoking the song’s title. In any case, this pop effort continues to a dramatic chorus as our little anime man passes from chibi to realistic several times. One thing is certain (for me anyways): Erabareshi never looked as good as they do in “Gyakkyo nonfiction”. You can buy “Gyakkyo nonfiction” from Erabareshi in stores on January 23, 2019.






Erabareshi promoting “Gyakkyo nonfiction”

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