New PV Alert: EMPiRE – Have it my way

EMPiRE seems to be back to the freaky PVs, and damn it if I like it. “Have it my way” from the group’s upcoming album the GREAT JOURNEY ALBUM puts the six girls in an intense electro arrangement for a frolic with the clowns. And, these aren’t your fun clowns; EMPiRE delivers back up dancers with creepiest clown masks available on the market. There’s darts with clowns, billiards with clowns, and of course disco with clowns. “Have it my way” focuses on intensity and deafening, industrial dance beats; none of that melody stuff muddles up the good time here. It’s pretty damn perfect in its execution. An idol group and its clown posse can take over the world, you better believe it. the GREAT JOURNEY ALBUM, the second from EMPiRE drops on December 18, 2019. [links to be added when available]





EMPiRE promoting “RiGHT NOW”



EMPiRE is a group formed on August 23, 2017. The group was formed as a collaboration by WACK and avex known formerly as Project aW. Project aW was formed around YU-Ki and YUKA who had participated in the WACK auditions earlier in the year. Girls who had failed the previous WACK audition were especially encouraged to audition for this upcoming project. The completed Project AW, known officially as “EMPiRE”, was revealed on August 23rd. EMPiRE released their first single “PiERCE” on February 27, 2019 and charted at number 5 on Oricon’s Weekly Singles Chart. EMPiRE’s current lineup includes YU-Ki, MiDORiKO, MAYU, MAHO, MiKiNA, and NOW.
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