New PV Alert: EMPiRE – Buttocks beat! beat!

It’s spanking time for EMPiRE! The WACK/Avex collaboration unit’s second promotional video features the members chased around Tokyo by … a gigantic, luscious buttocks. Yeah, you heard me. A mascot character style ass cheeks pursues the five members of EMPiRE and administers a moderate-to-severe spanking to his prey. Along the way you’ll spy other members of the WACK galaxy throwing various shades of disgust at the affair. A certain amount of joy can be extracted as the buttocks slaps buttocks to the beat of “Buttocks beat! beat!”, although the critics will definitely add the PV to the list of “weird Japanese things”. The musical palette that accompanies the beat-down plays less on the epic side of rock to give the song the energy necessary to accompany the topic. If you found “Akarui mirai” too sludgy, “Buttocks beat! beat!” and its up-tempo beat might be the perfect EMPiRE song for you. EMPiRE’s first release, “THE EMPiRE STRiKES START!!” gets an April 11, 2018 release date on cassette tape.





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Cassette | CDJapan | YesAsia

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