New PV Alert: EMPiRE – Akarui mirai

You’ve probably been anticipating the debut promotional video from new WACK group EMPiRE (I have). Well, that wait is finally over with the release of “Akarui mirai”. A dramatic moment of unmasking felt appropriate for the establishing shots of the song, as we’ve only seen the girls in their twin-eared masks (which look dangerously close to another iconic American headwear). I was expecting a bit of bombast from the new group, something closer to punk brashness or even goth spook (given the visuals). The high-concept mid-tempo alt rock of EMPiRE doesn’t disappoint me as it definitely builds anticipation, I just wasn’t expecting a song that sounds like it came from Coldplay’s back pocket. Dramatic shots of the EMPiRE banner unfurling magnificently behind the group in slow motion look like they were shot by Leni Riefenstahl from another empire. Choreography is never a particular strength of WACK, and EMPiRE seem to embrace movements that fall in line more closely with traditional idol groups. Perhaps falling in line with traditional idols will be the theme for the group despite its visuals and pedigree?

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