New PV Alert: Electric Ribbon – Wonderland Disco

New tunes from Electric Ribbon with the promotional video for their venue only single “Wonderland Disco (ワンダランディスコ)”. The group compliments its dance beats and electro-arrangement with selfie shots that look like the girls took a 360 camera on a trip to the streets of Akihabara. The muted colors are a novelty in the PV but somehow work in the context of the music.





Electric Ribbon



Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン) is an idol unit that started as a personal activity of composer asCa (now Pastel Pants), who works on all lyrics and composition and specializes in girly electro sounds. The group began activities in 2007 and has undergone numerous lineup changes. Currently, Pippi (formerly ASUKA) is the longest tenured member of the group having joined in 2015. Electric Ribbon’s current lineup includes members Muroi Yuu (室井ゆう), Pippi, Bishoujo Aoi (美伎あおい), and Oda Azumi (小田あずみ).
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