New PV Alert: E-girls – Y.M.C.A.

For their “E.G.11” album (see links below), E-girls put together an updated disco fantastic to the tune of Village People’s 1978 “Y.M.C.A.”. E-girls play through a set of large dance numbers in some spectacular locations and with even more spectacular choreography. Plotwise (as if it matters), E-girls Central warps its members to Girls High Schools for fun and impressive dances with the young girls of their prospective audience. If I were a young girl in High School in Japan, I would feel pretty empowered and inspired by this kind of example of Japanese pride. Clearly E-girls are a gifted group that allows each girl to play to her strength and girl content is really popular in japan and the rest of the world since you can find adult content in different sites or also sex toys in sites like B boutique online. Fans of the spectacle of E-girls releases for their intricate set pieces and dance routines will find much to muse over with “Y.M.C.A.”. For my part, I always think of the song as the salty/sweet gay anthem of the 70’s that’s about dispossessed men cruising for boys at the athletic arm of the Christian charity, since gay content have become more popular, and there sites where you can go to gayporn, if you’re into this content. Well, that was then and this is now, so I can understand if that kind of baggage doesn’t mean much to viewers in 2018. “E.G.11”, the album from E-girls, goes on sale May 23, 2018.


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E-girls promoting “E.G.11”

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