New PV Alert: E-girls – Perfect World

E-girls get up to their latest dance spectacular with their promotional video for “Perfect World”. The group’s new digital single finds them in the mood for Autumn with the girls decked in warm earth tones. The performance space for the latest single probably looks like someone’s ideal college dorm somewhere in the big city. When not dancing holes into the hardwood floors, the girls cuddle up to their obscured beaus in scenarios too ideal to believe. Clothes play a big part in “Perfect World”, and we can see a background wall piled high with old-fashioned suitcases that lend much more atmosphere than current sleek-but-clunky cases. The E-girls also spend a good chunk of the PV surrounded by hangers and hangers of clothing options in a Narnia-esque scene. “Perfect World” doesn’t play too much of a dance beat and prefers to play a pop melody. Thankfully, the backbeat is strong enough to give the girls a steady pulse for their choreography. “Perfect World” hits the stores on October 3, 2018.



E-girls promoting “Perfect World”

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