New PV Alert: E-girls – EG-ENERGY

E-girls, together with GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, pull off their half of a synergistic feat with the release of “EG-ENERGY”. The companion piece to “G-ENERGY, the EG-11 put together a grooving urban dance filled with neon, street wear, and city views of Tokyo. “EG-ENERGY” is a strictly dance music affair, with the mid-tempo beat playing perfectly to the synchronized movements of the new-look E-girls. Zooming into screens and mirrors, the editing department definitely the PV equivalent of a Prezi presentation. That’s a 244 way of saying “there’s a helluva lot going on in this here PV”. Slick and stylish, “EG-ENERGY” can be yours via a music card release.





E-girls promoting “Perfect World”

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