New PV Alert: E-Girls – All Day Long Lady

E-Girls take their game to the workplace in their new promotional video, “All Day Long”. Conceptually, the PV seems to take the girls from morning to night on a “typical” work day- all day long lady. The office place is transformed into a technicolor fantasy and the set plays backdrop to some workplace inspired choreography and OL outfits. Part of what I enjoy with these E-Girls PVs is the expansiveness of the sets they need to use for such a large group. Combine the sets, the choreography, and the costuming and you’ve got yourself a musical! Right as this Short Version ends, a really sharp transition transports us to a Harajuku Time Bomb Fashion show for a non-sequitur fantasy sequence; and, I won’t ask what your personal fantasy sequence looks like. You can find “All Day Long Lady” on the expansive double-CD release, “E.G. Crazy” on sale starting on January 18, 2017

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