New PV Alert: Devil ANTHEM. – Days / Dark”s” side

Devil ANTHEM. – Days


Devil ANTHEM – Dark”s” side

The 8th single from Devil ANTHEM. gets a pair of promotional videos. “Days” features the white side of the girls as they put on their seifuku for a picture perfect small town Japanese summer day. The light electronica sounds of the musical accompaniment matches the girls perfectly as they take to the beach for some ballet leaps, meander through the moss covered labyrinths of streets, and make their way up to the school at the top of the hill.

For their dark side, the girls present “Dark”s” side”. The quicker tempo gets electronic guitars and a slap and pop bass line to convey a feeling of urgency. “Dark”s” side” is an audio style PV, so our visuals consist of silhouetted figures and lyrics. It’s a nice complement to “Days” that provides a great taste of this latest single.

“Days” from Devil ANTHEM. is in stores now.


Devil ANTHEM. – Days





Devil ANTHEM – Dark”s” side





Devil Anthem promoting “Days”



Devil ANTHEM (デビアン, stylized Devil ANTHEM.) is a Japanese idol group that debuted on December 29, 2014. They consider themselves to be a two faced idol group that likes to jump between their Angel and Devil selves. Devil ANTHEM is the first idol created by Asia Promotion, who currently manage the group’s activities. Devil ANTHEM’s current lineup includes members Hashimoto Yume (橋本侑芽), Ando Kaede (安藤楓), Takekoshi Kurumi (竹越くるみ), Takemoto Airi (竹本あいり), and Mizuno Akira (水野瞳).
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