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Back with a look at their 6 person lineup, give us a taste of the future from the past with their latest promotional video “Moshi moshi, internet (もしもし、インターネット)”. Fashioned to look like the idea of futuristic graphics from a bygone decade (the birthdate of the internet no less), flatter than flat cutouts of the members populate CG environments via green screen technology. Meanwhile, the girls continue to abandon the dempa sound that they pioneered. A good deal of jazz permeates the sound of “Moshi moshi, internet”, but through my first two listens to the song I’m not able to really pinpoint a genre here. You’ll find “Moshi moshi, internet” on’s 6th album “Ai ga chikyuu sukuun sa! Datte wa family desho?” due on April 15, 2020.

 promoting “Ai ga chikyuu sukuun sa!: Datte wa family desho?”


ABOUT DEMPAGUMI.INC (でんぱ組.inc) is a Japanese female idol group from Akihabara, Tokyo. Their music generally follows the style of denpa song. All members are said to be former otaku. formed in 2008 performing daily on Akihabara’s DearStage live bar. In December that same year they released their debut single, “Mirror Magic?”, under the indies label DearStage Records as Dempagumi (でんぱ組). Then in 2010 they released their major debut, the joint single “Kiss+kiss de Owaranai / Star☆tin'”, under the label Lantis. In 2011, they changed labels once again to MEME TOKYO before releasing the single “Future Diver”.’s current lineup includes members Furukawa Mirin (古川未鈴), Aizawa Risa (相沢梨紗), Naruse Eimi (成瀬瑛美), Fujisaki Ayane (藤咲彩音), Naname Rin (鹿目凛, formerly of Beboga!), Nemoto Nagi (根本凪, concurrent with Niji no Conquistador).
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