New PV Alert: – Gattenda

Somehow, managed to insert themselves into key scenes from a classic samurai movie. If that’s not enough of a mind bender, the entire promotional video is designed to look like a screen capture of Nico Nico Douga from SEB (someone else’s browser). The insanity of seeing the girls perform while major swordplay action goes down right behind them is a bit bonkers. For the music, I love the disco funkiness of “Gattenda” as it dovetails into some double time and eastern-inflected melodies. By now we must be used to the kitchen sink approach to the arrangement of these songs. “Gattenda” doesn’t implement an approach that’s much different, but that doesn’t make it an less fun. And, the song’s scant 3:23 run time doesn’t overstay its welcome, not by a long shot. Mind you, I’m not exactly sure what are promoting with this song, but I’m down for the ride. Official Links
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