New PV Alert: dela – Hodokenai tokimeki

A new single from the “Delightful Enchanting Lovely Angels” from Nagoya gets a new promotional video with the release of “Hodokenai tokimeki”. The girls, and there’s a number of them, sing in pastoral clothes in the fields of their hometown. And since this is an idol PV, we wouldn’t feel complete without the cyc dance shots of the chorus. The local girls really do look great, and the cheerful attitude espoused by the “Hodokenai tokimeki” comes through with the members’ smiles. You can find “Hodokenai tokimeki” in stores on May 22, 2019.








DELA (デラ, stylized as dela) is a Nagoya based Japanese idol group formed in 2012. The group’s name is an acronym for “Delightful Enchanting Lovely Angels”. Dela is produced by Nakamura Koichi for Nagoya Pretty Factory. The group has performed in Hawaii, Taiwan, Singapore, Guam, Korea, Dubai, Mexico, Beijing, and other worldwide cities. Dela’s current lineup includes members Sawai Rina (沢井里奈), Akinami Ai (秋波愛), Ayase Reina (綾瀬麗奈), Hayami Sae (早見紗英), Sakuragi Ayane (桜木 彩音), Kanda Fuune (神田 風音), Yamamoto Hanako (山本 華子), Yamasaki Yumeka (山咲 夢華), Fujisaki Maina (藤崎 舞菜), Sayama Kaoru (佐山 カオル), Sawaguchi Aika (沢口 愛華), Kawasaki Narumi (川崎 成美), Murata Kazuha (村田 万葉), Yamabuki Moe (山吹 萌), Suzuhara Karin (鈴原 華鈴), Wakamatsu Sana (若松 沙奈), and Awazi Yue (淡路 ゆえ)
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