New PV Alert: DAOKO – Onaji Yoru

DAOKO quickly hits us again with a new track filled with sensuality and mystery. For this new jam, DAOKO teams up with D.A.N. for a spy soundtrack of jam filled with funky bass riffs, pizzicato strings, and so much space you can drive a bus between the notes. High notes from the frames include the geometries of the twisted highway overpasses and the Poincaré disc world through a glass marble. The images flit between day and night with the city skyline, overhead views of curvilinear roadways, and the stylish Sony h.ear headphones synergistically promoted in the PV. DAOKO’s breathy vocal delivery feels like breath on your neck so close you can almost feel the red lipstick on your collar. While we’re at it, don’t underestimate the track that D.A.N. brought to this collaboration: brilliantly understated with the perfect fell and sound palette.

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