New PV Alert: Daidaidai – ZZarin

Did I hear you say you needed some electro-punk in your life? Well, look no further than Daidaidai, Osaka six-girl unit. The promotional video for “Zzarin” works up quite a frenzy with a quick tempo and metalesque guitar accents underscored with an insistent computer tone generator blipping my Commodore 64 with a bullet through its CPU. The PV for “ZZarin” twitches along just as compulsively as the music as images of wildlife, flowers, and even the members composite with analog distortion chaotically. My personal favorites are the deer and the fish both swimming upstream like they’ve had about a gallon of Stumptown’s most caffeinated brew. I’ve no doubt Daidaidai will hit everyone differently, but man I’m kinda in love with this out of the box idol offering. “ZZarin” is a limited release digital single in conjunction with thee group’s first one-man live.



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