New PV Alert: CRUiSE! – Zensoku! Zenshin! Cruising

“Zensoku! Zenshin! Cruising☆ (全速!前進!くる〜じんグッ☆)” from Cruise! is the latest song to get a choreography video from the five-member idol group. Featuring energetic … no, I mean ENERGETIC choreography from the group, the song is clearly a favorite despite not being readily available. In here, you will see the girls jump in unison, kick line their way across the stage, and tightly twirl like dizzying ballerinas. I’m only human, so I have to admit watching red member Akahoshi Nana defying her crop top to stay on her torso as she jumps over and over again. Again, I wish I could point you to at least a digital download, but well maybe someday.








CRUiSE (くるーず) is a Japanese female idol idol unit formed in Fukuoka in April 2016. During CRUiSE live performances, the group uses the the motif of the cruise ship whereby the members become crew members. CRUiSE hopes to gain popularity due to their danceful dance and fresh voices. Each member makes use of their individuality and plays an active part in each direction. CRUiSE’s current lineup includes members Aizaki Yukine (藍崎ゆきね), Aoi Miyu (青井海優), Akahoshi Nana (赤星那奈), Otsuka Minami (大塚みなみ), Tonokawa Haruka (殿川遥加), and Natsuno Sora (夏野大空).
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