New PV Alert: COLOR’z – Survivor

Coming from a forthcoming album due in September, the Bell Agency’s COLOR’z hit us with the metal infused promotional video for “Survivor”. Set in the interior rooms of a temple that I’m sure you’ve seen before, the girls draw swords on each other when they should really be getting along. But, I suppose the theme survivor doesn’t mean a whole lot if everyone comes out on top. Speaking of over the top, the guitars on “Survivor” are pushed to insane levels with the main riff getting textural backing from the keyboards. Overall, the sound is aggressive in a way that’s only possible in the post BABYMETAL idol world. The tradional Japanese looks should also draw some of you into the PV. I mean to say that you’ll find something interesting here. Look for COLOR’z new release in September.


COLOR’z (カラーズ) is a Kanto-Kansai hybrid group formed in 2018 and is represented by the Bell Agency. The concept of the group is a color gang idol. As the name implies, COLOR’z takes the stage with each girl representing a different color. COLOR’z current lineup includes members Tachibana Leona (橘れおな), Tsukino Nao (月野菜生), Nanohana Remi (菜ノ花れみ), Ichinose Yui (一ノ瀬ゆい), Nagase Ririka (長瀬りりか), Nono Non (野々のん), and Fuuai Kotori (風愛ことり).
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