New PV Alert: COLOR’z – Onegai my friend

New idol group COLOR’z bring us a promotional video fraught with high school bullies. Poor Ichinose Yui can’t even sit in class to eat her lunch. Her uwabaki (those indoor shoes you’ve seen in too many drama/anime) end up missing and her seat “mysteriously” moves away from her desk. Since her tormentors are actually her group-mates, you’d expect things to resolve nicely by the end of the PV. Dance shots of “Onegai my friend” get the school gym treatment with the group sporting oversized hoodies bearing their member colors. The big hit of this promotional video is the drastic slap back feel of the bridge. Man, “Onegai my friend” takes a left turn from its already popover aggro rock arrangement. “Onegai my friend” makes a good impression as the first release of COLOR’z, and we should expect more great things from the young group. You can find “Onegai my friend” on COLOR’z debut mini album “Iro iro” due on June 26, 2018.



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COLOR-z promoting “Iro iro”

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