New PV Alert: COLOR’z – Nanokame

New music from COLOR’z makes its way to the New PV Alerts courtesty of the forthcoming single “Nanokame (ナノカメ)”. A rock soundtrack filled with riffing guitars and quick-handed drum fills accompanies the performance shots of the colorful idol group, who ironically are given back outfits befitting the sounds. Billows of color explode from above the members, but “Nanokame” keeps to the monochramatic filter. No details as yet to the release information for “Nanokame”.





COLOR’z promoting “Nanokame”



COLOR’z (カラーズ) is a Kanto-Kansai hybrid group formed in 2018 and is represented by the Bell Agency. The concept of the group is a color gang idol. As the name implies, COLOR’z takes the stage with each girl representing a different color. COLOR’z current lineup includes members Tachibana Leona (橘れおな), Tsukino Nao (月野菜生), Nanohana Remi (菜ノ花れみ), Ichinose Yui (一ノ瀬ゆい), Fuuai Kotori (風愛ことり), and Tujimura Mitsuki (辻村美月).
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