New PV Alert: College Cosmos – I Want to Filter the Water of Words.

College Cosmos? Who are they? Well, the group of 25 college students is a collaboration between Up Front and Space Craft Group who run college beauty pageants. Seeing as the group will perform at the Hello Project 20th Anniversary Hello! Fest 2018 AND at the Satoyama/Satoumi events later this month, I think it’s safe to assume the group will play a part in the next stage of Hello! Project. Dressed in simple white dresses adorned with long burgundy ribbons, the members of College Cosmos perform “Kotoba no mizu o roka shitai” with a lyrical chorus style that might be associated with other groups with a number appended to their name. College Cosmos sure pick out great sights with their dance shots perched high above a mountain lake and with the greens of the scenery pushed to the edge of distortion. What has the Hello! Project fan base REALLY clicking their tongues is the prominent inclusion of Country Girls member Yamaki Risa. The official story had Risa performing with Country Girls on a part time basis so she can focus on her collegiate studies, but with her participation in this new group the official story sounds more and more suspect. So, what do you think? Leave your comments below, and check out a digital copy of “Kotoba no mizu o roka shitai” below.



College Cosmos promoting “Kotoba no mizu o roka shitai”

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