New PV Alert: CLOCK & BOTAN – Gloomy

The solo project of former Bellring Girl’s Heart member Yanagisawa Ayano, CLOCK & BOTAN is a welcome addition to my personal listening rotation. Shot on a beach with early morning light, Ayano nails the dreamy mood of the song. Additional scenes of Ayano with a billowing lace clothe behind her ups her visual appeal. The stripped down (by idol standards) instrumentation are nothing more than percussion, some 1980s keyboard sounds, Ayano’s acoustic guitar, and a prominent bass. No, she won’t win many best vocalist awards with this track. But, if you are in the mood for a mood music you can trust in CLOCK & BOTAN when Ayano takes the moon in her hands. “Gloomy” is free for a limited time on Ototoy.

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