New PV Alert: Chuning Candy – Ai no uta

With a new release less than a week old, Chuning Candy give us a choreography video for the second side of their double A-side. With a sound that’s decidedly more “idol” than you might expect from the group, Chuning Candy seems to be keeping it simple for you, (yes, you) so you can cop their moves the next time you attend one of their lives. Hell, they even teach you a little bit of their choreography at the end of the production. I don’t know if this means we will be getting a more traditional PV from the group soon; I kinda hope so. Chuning Candy’s “STAND UP!!/Ai no uta” goes on sale November 27, 2019.





Chuning Candy promoting “STAND UP!!/Ai no uta”



CHUNING CANDY (チューニングキャンディー) is a girls group formed with Cat’s Eye Talent School students of Okinawa in 2013. The group name indicates that members with various personalities like candies spin music together. ChuniCan (チュニキャン) represented the Kyushu-Okinawa area for two consecutive years and won the Jury Special Award at the “Ayodori Festival 2017” final competition. ChuniCan made its major debut in March 2018 with the single “Dance with me”. In addition Chuning Candy was selected as the opening act of “TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION” and was the first Japanese female group to appear in the popular Korean TV program “SHOW CHAMPION”. Chuning Candy experienced increased popularity and attention from the 60th “Nippon Record Award New Face Award”. Chuning Candy’s current lineup includes members Kotone (琴音), Sophie (ソフィー), Lili, Yu-ri (ゆうり), and Aiko (愛子).
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