New PV Alert: Chubbiness – Jongara Bushido

How do you like seeing your favorite idols a bit bruised and bloody and fresh from the fight? Well, Chubbiness, and their selectively colored “Jongara Bushido” do exactly that. In loosely fitted kimonos, the girls’ cheeks are stained by the blood and grime of their swordsman trade in this fantasy world. The traditional instruments that score the song add real charm to this battle anthem. To those of you might still think of Chubbiness as a bit of a one-shot gag, “Jongara Bushido” might convince you otherwise. Stylishly produced, the promotional video takes equal dips into violence and sensuality in a way that you might find appealing.

Playing catch-up after a pair of Morning Musume ’18 concerts, sorry if these are short…

[UPDATE 2018.11.25 Full version added]






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