New PV Alert: Chu☆Oh!Dolly – 3 Kai Kimi no Namae wo Jyumon no Yoni Tonaetara…

Making their first appearance on the New PV Alerts is the Arc Jewel unit and fourth “doll” unit Chu☆Oh!Dolly. “3 Kai Kimi no Namae wo Jyumon no Yoni Tonaetara… (3回君の名前を呪文のように唱えたら…) puts the girls on an outdoor patio for its dance shot in front of a set of glass doors that could be the gateway to a suburban patio in Anytown, USA. With the sun shining the girls get the treatment in their ornate performance outfits and cute looking, color-keyed street apparel. I can look at “3 Kai Kimi no Namae…” and talk about how the shadows lay across the girls’ faces, but what would be the point of that? The song is upbeat and cute, the girls give their best in performance while looking their best (production be damned!). The instrumentals put a live band sound at full max with a drummer who’s working overtime and a bassist who noodles melodically. And at the closing moments, we get doll poses from Chu☆Oh!Dolly as they are latest in a line of doll idols. While “3 Kai Kimi no Namae…” might be a little too busy for my personal taste, there is plenty to enjoy this, the group’s third single. As always, I’ll be looking out for the Chu☆Oh!Dolly’s releases with a keen eye! You can buy “3 Kai Kimi no Namae wo Jyumon no Yoni Tonaetara…” in stores starting on April 2, 2019.




Chu☆Oh!Dolly promoting “
3 Kai Kimi no Namae wo Jyumon no Yoni Tonaetara…”



CHU☆OH!DOLLY (ちゅうおうどーりー) is a female idol group founded in June 18, 2016. The group is the fourth doll group in the Arc Jewel lineup after Lovely☆Doll, Doll☆Elements, and Ange☆Reve. The group’s name is a pun with the Akihabara main street Chuo Dori, and thus the group claims to be the first Japanese “road” idol concept. CHU☆OH!DOLLY’s current lineup includes members Oosaki Rui (大崎 瑠衣), Mashiro Yuuka (眞城 ゆうか), Haruno Emiri (春野 絵美莉), Shirosaki Momoka (城崎 桃華), Tsujimura Mitsuki (辻村 美月), Ooba Moe (大部 萌衣), and Yoshikawa Yuiri (吉川 結理).
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