New PV Alert: Choux Cream Rocket – Souzoujou no Fruit (Short ver.)

Here’s another Last Idol runner up group promotional video. This time, Last Idol brings us a trio with the somewhat dicey name “Choux Cream Rocket” (who are cute as a button). Momona, Midori, and Aimi spend their time away from studio in matching scout gear, orienting their way through the wilds. In just a couple of minutes we see the girls deal with a shady compass, shelter from rain, and ford a river. Being the short version, we never really learn the object of the girls’ quest. With a name like Choux Cream Rocket, you’re also probably expecting cute idol pop, and cute idol pop you shall receive. Charming, yes. Song of the year, probably not. In the idol world, kawaii makes right; so I don’t think you’re going to have too much trouble with Choux Cream Rocket’s music. You can find Choux Cream Rocket’s “Souzoujou no Fruit” on Last Idol’s “Bandwagon” single due on December 20, 2017.


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