New PV Alert: Candye♡Syrup – IDOL OF DEATH (feat m!sa)

Don’t adjust your set: the latest promotional video from the colorful Candye♡Syrup is actually in black and white. This is an odd choice considering the hair dye origins of the group. The monochrome of the PV gives us a look at a Candye♡Syrup live with guest star m!sa, and it’s a head banging good time. The music alternates between the blasting metal beats and scream vocals and a decidedly pop chorus. I suppose that kind of a thing might be getting old hat, but that’s not really any of my concern here. Regrets? Well, I really would have preferred the living color of the group. The PV description for “IDOL OF DEATH” mentions the songs inclusion on a live-only release, so don’t spend too much time looking for a copy online at the normal outlets.

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