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Are we all ready for a Harajuku beauty salon linked idol group? Candye♡Syrup, the shop in Harajuku, is known for their flashy ‘dos on talents, idols, and musicians. It might make sense for IKU, the salon’s owner, to start up an idol group to further spread his hair ideals: this is the real purpose of idols in the first place, right? Candye♡Syrup, the idol group, does it pretty well. Working on the louder side of the alternative idol realm, the quick tempo of “Candye♡Syrup”, the song, blends overdriven guitars with hyperactive beats and a gritty bass. The blue bell-head spits some screamo style vocals (which I’m personally tiring of, but that’s opinion). The pastel mismatched patterns synonymous with Harajuku work as a flashy setting for “Candye♡Syrup”, the song. And, how about all that hair?!

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