New PV Alert: BRATS – Unfair

BRATS come back at us with something a bit more melodic than their normal sludgy works. “Unfair ( アンフェア)” finds the three members on stage for a live performance. Lucky for us, we get a huge variety of camera angles on the song: from right in the grill of each girl to from behind Rei’s performance, to the shaky audience perspectives. Japanese lyrics get intercut with the performances in a manner that’s less legible and more word art. The performance we see comes from a pair of BRATS gigs in Korea at the beginning of 2019. A spare number of frames of the girls exploring the city. Judging from the reaction, the girls had a great time and put on a helluva show for their Korean fans. The sound is aggressive, the vocals chime out with presence, and … well, this is just legit. You can find “Unfair” on BRATS’s debut album “BRATS” released on July 25, 2018. Really, you should get that platter; it’s a good listen.





BRATS is a Japanese rock girl band created by former LADYBABY member Kuromiya Rei, her sister Kuromiya Aya, and Aya’s friend Hinako playing guitar. Formed in 2011, their first CD single was released in June 2017. The name BRATS was inspired from Black Stones aka “BLAST” from one of Rei’s favorite manga, NANA. BRATS plays music with the idea that “We (BRATS) want to rock as hard as we can”. BRATS current lineup includes Kuromiya Rei (黒宮れい, vocals), Kuromiya Aya (黒宮あや, bass), and Hinako (ひなこ, guitar).
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