New PV Alert: BRATS – Kimarigoto

Good news for all of new: Kuromiya resumes activities with her BRATS group effective immediately. If what we saw from the group before was any indication, then we might have had the feeling that this new song would be a bloody and beaten affair. “Kimarigoto” is a bashing song that feels like the aural equivalent of a sever bludgeoning. Should you like your music pugilistic, then BRATS is definitely the group for you. Rei snarls through over her sister’s bass and Hinako’s guitar like she’s been doing this forever. The promotional PV puts the group in a post-war looking set with a scenic hilltop from where the group sharpens their axes. Reading between the lines a bit, Rei insinuated that her personality didn’t suit an idol. Which means YES, Rei feels more like a metal head than an idol regardless of how “alt” LADYBABY seemed. If you’re wondering about me personally, well, I’d rather BRATS liquefy my gray matter any day of the week.


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