The musical story for Kuromiya Rei (Ladybaby), her sister Kuromiya Aya, and their friend Hinako continued today with the release for their promotional video “AINIKOIYO”. The PV is mostly performance shot with some interesting lyrical crawl and CRT-style transitions; but, musically there is a lot to talk about. Firstly, we can talk about how this appears to be a labor of love with her and her sister. We ca talk about how BRATS is an interesting change from the metal/idol project for which she is usually known. “AINIKOIYO” features some pretty muscly guitar riffs, and we can talk about that and your next YouTube cover song video. I’ll even talk to you about how Rei’s voice gives major attitude and strength. I just really wish I could talk to you about a release date, because even though the song is the opening to the anime “TO BE HERO”, I can’t find a release date.

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