New PV Alert: BLACKNAZARENE – Lasthymn

From their upcoming Admiration album, BLACKNAZARENE treat us to the moody cadences of “Lasthymn”. The group makes use of another derelict building and dramatic lighting to tell this story. BLACKNAZARENE gets their share of mood setting shots with the girls running through the trees, Monty Python style puppetry, and a curious (to me) shot of horse fur. “Lasthymn” doubles down on the passion, and will be available when Admiration hits the stores on February 18, 2020.





BLACKNAZARENE promoting “Admiration”



BLACKNAZARENE is a Japanese Idol group formed in 2018 as the second group on the BABYTRACKS label produced by Miduki Rika. The group formed when Mutata Mizuki’s previous group, Yamitsuki Company broke up and Miduki suggest the two work together (BLACKNAZARENE also features former Yamitsuki Company member Kiyono Kiko). BLACKNAZARENE’s concept is “THUG×kawaii”. The group name is derived from the Manila, Philippines “Black Nazarene Festival”. BLACKNAZARENE’s current lineup includes members Murata Mikako (村田実果子), Kiyono Kiko (清乃希子), Nasaki Izumi (南向いずみ), Toda Corone (戸田ころね), and Fuyuno Aiku (冬野あゐく).
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Nasaki Izumi Version

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