New PV Alert: BiSH – SMACK baby SMACK

You can feel it right from the gravelly bass groove of the intro, and you can see it with the girls crouched around the getaway car of their deeds. BiSH mean business with their promotional video to “SMACK baby SMACK” from their new album “THE GUERiLLA BiSH”. A stripped and “wet” hostage witnesses the girls’ statements. When the blindfold is removed we get a first person look of the BiSH smacking the prisoner up like Prodigy had written a song about him. The entire production plays out pretty much exactly like “Reservoir Dogs”, although all ears remain intact. It’s hard for me to fully endorse torture porn, because that what “SMACK baby SMACK” really is underneath the blindfolds. I take a bit of comfort with the thought that with BiSH themselves wearing blindfolds, we get an indication that the victim and torturer are really one and the same, and BiSH are really burning the concepts of traditional idols to ground with our poor victim serving as a proxy for the stereotypical wota. That and, of course I can listen to Aina the End sing lawnmower repair manuals to me. You can find “SMACK baby SMACK” on BiSH’s second major album “THE GUERiLLA BiSH” out on November 29, 2017.

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