New PV Alert: BiSH – NON TiE-UP

Well, surprise surprise. BiSH come out swinging with the guerilla release of a new single “NON TiE-UP” and its requisite promotional video. After what seems like a year of anime tie-ins for the group, BiSH finally start to sound like themselves. “NON TiE-UP takes us to a similarly epic red planet setting with desolate yet monumental architecture as witness to the dust red landscape. No, things are not exactly as it was; you can never go back home, after all. But, magnificently pounding drums and orchestral strings play ahead of the guitars and the vocals retain the cracked quality on which BiSH stakes its claim. Choruses are less sung and more screamed passionately, and I wonder why BiSH stopped kicking this much ass in the first place. In this 4:41 BiSH extravaganza, explosions boom in the background, BiSH dispatch black hooded pursuers with extreme prejudice, and onscreen lyric graphics flash “oppai” and “chinko” in time with the masturbatory choreography. While we’re playing naughty, let’s also take a minute to appreciate those red leather BDSM gloves. If you’ve been watching BiSH for a while I’m sure you have plenty to talk about (like that HASHiYASUME ATSUKO solo!!), so leave us few comments about your favorite parts of “NON TiE-UP”, ok?



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BiSH promoting “Life is beautiful / HiDE the BLUE”

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