New PV Alert: BiSH – Life is beautiful

The latest promotional video from BiSH is a meditation on life, living, and death. “Life is beautiful” follows a pair of lucky lovers from their young days in high school to their chance re-acquaintance out of a Makoto Shinkai animation, to the tearful bedside goodbyes. BiSH show us a life worth living (perhaps not the ONLY life worth living) and how even death is part of the beauty of life. No matter where you are in your life, I’m sure you can find yourself somewhere in the continuum presented in “Life is beautiful”. The song itself presents yet another softer side of the group as BiSH replaces the venom with sweet syrups and lyrical guitars. We’re still playing with guitars here, but the vocals present an emotional case with melodies ranging from some rap rhythms to power ballad rhymes. You can, and you probably will, spout philosophically about BiSH softening things for their major label mainstream success. “Life is beautiful” stands as a foray into the possibilities of the group that surpasses anything that I would have dreamed up for them when they were covered in … stuff.
You can purchase the fourth major single by BiSH on June 20, 2018.



BiSH profile image
BiSH promoting “Life is beautiful / HiDE the BLUE”

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