New PV Alert BiS – Don’t miss it!!

The latest Brand-new idol society promotional video is upon us, and it offers twice the subversion as usual! If you haven’t heard, BiS splintered into BiS1st and BiS2nd with BiS1st serving as the primary group. “Don’t miss it!!” gets a double promotional video with both groups performing the same song. Which if the two will fare better?

BiS1st – Don’t miss it!!

I suppose being the winners has its privileges. BiS1st get their promotional video set in Hong Kong. The four girls (PAN LUNA LEAFY, GO ZEELA, and newcomers NEL NEHRU and TORiAEZ HANA) dance amid the stalls of a market and generally pose their way through the colorful streets. Generally speaking, BiS1st seem to have received the direction “look like you are cracking up, and for the most part the girls deliver. One thing that’s nice about looking at a smaller group is the ease of looking at the members. After a fair number of views, I’d like to give the MVP of BiS1st’s “Don’t miss it!!” to GO ZEELA. Man, she looks fierce as all hell when she tosses that short cut about! No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a trip around town atop a bus at night, and wouldn’t you know it, BiS1st give us that exact shot!



BiS1st profile image
BiS1st promoting “Don’t miss it!!”
BiS2nd – Don’t miss it!!

If the popularity contest puts BiS1st in exotic Hong Kong, then BiS2nd logically should get put in the dumpster. Well, close enough. BiS2nd, PERi UBU, KiKA FRONT FRONTAL, AYA EiGHTPRiNCE, YUiNA EMPiRE, and newbies MUROPANAKO and MEWCLUB, get their promotional video shot in a scrap yard. In true WACK tradition, the girls get slimed over with oily black liquid (perhaps “actually oil” or “hopefully oil” depending on what you think that stuff is). Don’t feel bad, though. BiS2nd make things work for them. The oil slime-over lends the girls a bit of pathos while the six girls work the camera intensly while waxing expressively. Close up shots of the girls suggestively eating fruit add an eroticism that BiS1st lacks. The image quality of BiS2nd’s “Don’t miss it11” improves dramatically in this more controlled environment, too. And, you know me: I’m a sucker for images of dead and decaying floral and fruit displays. So, I don’t know who has the edge here! Who do you think wins: BiS1st or BiS2nd? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!



BiS2nd profile image
BiS 2nd promoting “Don’t miss it!!”

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