New PV Alert: BiS – Against the pain

BiS1st – Against the pain

On the second single from the new system, BiS1st get to the beach for their interpretation of “Against the pain”. Lineup changes? NEL NEHRU is out, AYA EiGHTPRiNCE is in. AYA definitely adds a punch to the gang of four’s vocals. Messages wash up on shore, and the girls rest luxuriously on an unexplained couch on the sand. I guess that’s a shorthand for “there are some great visuals in this one”. I loved looking at the reflections and refractions of the group in the sand and the water as much I loved to see the girls swinging their footwear overhead in the choreography.




BiS1st promoting “Against the pain”
BiS2nd – Against the pain

Things start off with a bang in BiS2nd’s rendition, quite literally. Crunched by a speeding truck, are we seeing the girls dancing as zombies? Or, is the car crash simply a metaphor for their status within the BiS galaxy? About halfway through “Against the pain”, the girls show us a parade of personal photos that lead right up to the unfortunate occurrence. Run over, the girls look more like they’re contemplating their circumstances, and of course they take matters into their own hands by overtaking and hijacking their vehicle of fate. It’s a subtle metaphor that a lot less subtle when you take BiS’s new system into account. So, catch the truck that hit you, and ride it for all its worth.




BiS 2nd promoting “Against the pain”

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